WPLNA encourages everyone living or owning a business in the boundaries (see below) of the West Pine Laclede Neighborhood Association to become a member and enjoy the benefits of membership, which include the following:

  • The right to vote on association issues…including whether we will support or object to new businesses and residential developments in our neighborhood
  • Early information about commercial and residential development projects – often when the projects are still in the early planning stages
  • Access to formal presentations from potential developers and their architects
  • Regular in-person reports from our ward’s alderman
  • Ongoing updates on development projects from the Executive Director of Park Central Development Corporation and from the Neighborhood Improvement Specialist for Ward 17
  • Input into and updates about neighborhood beautification ideas and projects
  • Useful information on crime prevention and occurrence

To help insure the viability of WPLNA, please take a moment to become a voting member by submitting dues and the contact information form below to our Treasurer, Terry Werner, via mail or at the monthly meeting, on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Northwest Coffee at  4251 Laclede Ave. The dues are a modest $25/year for individuals and $30/year for businesses. Thank you in advance for your support through attendance at WPLNA’s meetings and membership dues.

Your information will not be published on this site, nor will it be shared with anyone outside of the association.  You will be added to our email list but you will not be inundated with unwanted emails – we average 1 or 2 emails per month to update you on upcoming meetings, neighborhood events or crime notices.


  • West:  Center line of Newstead
  • East:  Center line of Sarah (but includes 6 N. Sarah)
  • North:  Center line of Lindell
  • South:  Center line of Forest Park

West Pine Laclede Neighborhood Association

Name __________________________________________________________________

Street address ___________________________________________________________

Telephone ______________________________________________________________

E-mail address___________________________________________________________

Dues enclosed: Individual $25.00________________Business $30__________________


Please complete this form and mail or deliver it along with your dues payment to:

Mr. Terry Werner, WPLNA Treasurer

4121 West Pine Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63108

OR you may use Venmo:   @WPLNA (please include your name, street address and email address in the text box)

Please contact Mr. Werner with questions or for additional information at 314-535-0845.

3 Replies to “Join”

  1. Karen Goodman

    The best way is to come to our next association meeting. Everyone is welcome at the meetings, but we really appreciate when people join by paying the annual dues so we have a small fun of money to take care of the neighborhood. We meet every 2nd Tuesday at Northwest Coffee at 7.

    It’s a friendly group so come join us next month!


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