WPLNA Minutes 12.08.15


Minutes: 12.8.2015

President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.

4101 Laclede Development Presentation

Harold dispensed with WPLNA’s usual agenda format to allow ample time for presentation by guests who had requested time to provide information on a possible development project at 4101 Laclede at Sarah. The presenters included representatives from the developers: From Atrium Residential – Michael Gingrich, Managing Partner and from Grove Properties Austin Barzantny, President. Representing Trivers Associates, the project’s architect firm, was Joel M. Fuoss, AIA, Principal.

Highlights of the oral and visual presentation include the following:

  • The proposal is for a mixed use building that would include 54 condos and commercial space along Sarah that could accommodate up to three businesses.
  • The condos will be a mixture of town homes and flats and include pent houses on the top (fifth) floor.
  • At its highest point the building would be 62 feet.
  • The building would consume the entire lot and include ground level parking for residents (one space/bedroom) with access through the existing alley. No commercial parking would be provided.
  • The building would be “amenity heavy” and feature a pool, gym, fire pit, and sun deck.
  • The total cost is projected to be $16M. Construction cannot begin until financing is secured, including successful presale of a determined number of units.
  • The time table calls for marketing of units to begin in March 2016 with construction completed by about June 2017.
  • The developers are asking for 10 year full tax abatement.
  • The developers identified one potential variance request from the form based code, which is the use of metal in addition to the predominantly brick façade. As of now, they believe the project is within code in such areas as height, scale, set back from street, and inclusion of retail space.
  • The building would not be green certified.
  • In the future the developers would like to receive suggestions from area residents on the types of commercial businesses that would be desirable.
  • Brooks Goedeker, Executive Director of Park Central Development, remarked that he and Alderman Roddy have met with many developers over several years regarding opportunities for the location and find Grove/Atrium to be exacting in their compliance with code and the resulting proposal to be notably innovative for St. Louis.

Harold thanked the presenters and excused them from the meeting to allow discussion of the proposed project among attendees. After several comments, the following motion was made and seconded to capture the sense of the body:

The WPLNA approves the proposal contingent on continued dialogue with the Association as the project evolves, presentations to the neighborhood, and attention to exterior detail and appearance of street elevation. The motion passed with one dissenting vote.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Van Schaik, secretary

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