Tues night assaults

Last night there were several reported robbery events in the CWE that we would like to bring to your attention.

At approximately 6:40pm, near Taylor and Forest Park, a victim reported being surrounded by a group of teenagers, one of whom demanded his phone. The group then assaulted the victim by punching him several times. The group of teens then fled north of Taylor.

A short time later, near Taylor and Laclede, a group of approximately 10 teenagers, male and female, knocked a male victim to the ground from behind and assaulted him. While on the ground the group kicked him and took his electronic device.

It was also reported to me that a similar described group was at or near the Applebee’s, Euclid and Forest Park, causing problems.

Others reported groups of teens around Laclede and Sarah between 9pm and 10pm.

There were no reported arrests by police at this time and video footage is being reviewed. I do not know about the extent of injuries to either victim, if any.

This particular type of behavior has been reported in the media, where large groups of teenagers enter into an area of the City and create problems. There have been recent incidents in the Delmar Loop area, Downtown and around several Metro Link stations.

Please encourage friends and neighbors to report suspicious behavior to police by calling 9-1-1.

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  1. Renee marver

    I walk my dogs all times of night. I noticed that good lighting makes significant difference for both sense of and actual safety. I really hope the city continues to increase lighting of now still dark areas such as Vandeventeer and Laclede and West Pine.

    Also note a friend visiting from Madison while walking alone to dinner was surprised how unlit the area on Forest Park between Vandeventeer and Grand on the south side blocks are. She was approached by a driver in a plain white van, but was able to discourage him.


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