WPLNA Minutes 2.14.17


Minutes: 02.14.17 

President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

Harold dispensed with the usual order of business to allow two candidates for mayor (Tishaura Jones and Andrew Jones) to address the attendees.

  1. TISHAURA JONES – Democratic primary candidate for Mayor of St. Louis

Ms. Jones currently serves as Treasurer of St. Louis and cited her accomplishments in that office including: saving money by streamlining treasury operations, upgrading the parking meter infrastructure, establishing the Office of Financial Empowerment http://www.stlofe.org which offers free financial literacy classes and counseling and which created college savings accounts for over 6,300 kindergarten children in STL public schools (funded from parking revenue).

As mayor she will focus on change through

  • Education
  • Crime and Safety
  • Look at all public procedures through a racial equity lens, guided by the “Ferguson Report” and the “For the Safety of All Report”
  • Place social workers in police department
  • Close the city work house
  • Work on prevention programs

For details on Tishaura Jones’ platform, go to http://tishaura4mayor.com

Questions from attendees:

Where do you stand on the proposed MLS stadium? Answer: St. Louis has greater problems than supporting a city-financed stadium. If the stadium were to be built, it should be paid for by the entire region. Likewise Scottrade Center upgrades should not be financed by the city.

Where do you stand on TIF funding? Answer: Over $7,000,000 has been given in tax incentives over the past 16 years, shorting funding for city schools. We need a more objective way to evaluate what we are getting in return.

  1. ANDREW JONES – Republican primary candidate for Mayor of St. Louis

St. Louis is clamoring for change. Our citizens, schools and businesses deserve better. Crime is our number one issue. Business development opportunities are being lost due to perception of St. Louis as a violent city. Police can’t do their jobs, fearing backlash. We need to target that small percentage of our population who are responsible for a large percentage of violent crime. As a business executive who isn’t beholden to special interests, he has the expertise to deliver the changes St. Louis needs based on best practices.

His campaign focuses on:

  • Law and Order
  • Education
  • Economic Development
  • Civic excellence

For details on Andrew Jones’ platform, go to http://andrewjonesformayor.com

Questions from attendees:

Where do you stand on a North-South Metrolink expansion? Answer: He is not convinced it is necessary. Most ridership is on the north side which is currently well-served by a fleet of buses.

How does being Republican in a traditionally Democratic city inform your campaign? Answer: As a business leader who isn’t beholden to special interests, he has the skill to deliver results and to be accountable to the people.

Where do you stand on the proposed MLS stadium? Answer: He does not support it, saying it does not make any sense for the city to pay for a stadium. The MLS has never been profitable.

How would you address violent crime? Answer: He would create a task force in the Police Department to address the 20% of the population that is committing the majority of violent crimes. Determine where we are inadequately policed. Amazingly, even though it has been shown that the majority of violent crimes are drug-related, our police department does not have a narcotics division.

Where do you stand on the city earnings tax? Answer: The earnings tax is 10% of the city budget but it is one factor that drives some businesses out of the city. He supports abolishing the earnings tax and making up the difference by increasing efficiency in city government.


Minutes for January 10, 2017 were approved with typographical corrections.


Savings account balance:               $1,054.48

Certificate of deposit value:          $7,090.98

Checking account balance:            $1,401.69


Laura Cohen said we are hoping to get new trees planted by the end of March 


Alderman Roddy Report

  • The Federal Mogul redevelopment project is moving forward, including plans to connect to the Great River Greenway over the old railroad trestle nearby.
  • The Armory project is moving forward. It is hoped that the will be a way to connect it to the Great River Greenway near the Federal Mogul site.
  • Choteau’s Grove at Sarah and Choteau is progressing. The Koman Group and Green Street Development are partnering to develop a ground-up 235 unit multi-family building with an accompanying 22,000 SF of retail in the Grove neighborhood.
  • SSM project at Grand and Choteau is progressing.
  • The high rise apartment building planned for Kingshighway/West Pine is moving forward.
  • Cortex continues to grow to the east with plans for a new office building and hotel on Duncan.
  • 4101 Laclede – construction has begun
  • New metro stop between Boyle and Sarah should be operational in 2018.
  • Forest Park Avenue closure continues and may take a total of 8-10 months.

President Karabell noted that the West Pine Laclede Neighborhood Association does not endorse candidates for public office but, as we had a candidate for Alderman for the 17th ward at our last meeting, he invited Joe Roddy to address his campaign for reelection as alderman of the 17th ward.

  1. JOE RODDY – Democratic candidate for Alderman of the 17th Ward:

Mr. Roddy says his campaign is focused on creating value by:

  • Valuing diversity – knowing who we are, creating affordable housing (he says the areas has created more than 1,000 additional affordable housing units), development in the Grove
  • Innovative Economy – i.e. Joe was one of the driving forces behind creation of Cortex
  • Preserving our heritage – i.e. Creating expanded historic districts and reviewing proposed demolitions
  • Car-Optional neighborhoods

For more information, go to: http://aldermanroddy.com


Marshall Mitchener reported that a homeless man was sleeping at the 4101 West Pine site. The NSI reached out to him and, hopefully, he is getting the help he needs. Jim Whyte (of NSI) told him of a hit and run at Laclede and Sarah – the driver is being sought.

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Gualdoni, Acting Secretary



Please note that West Pine Laclede Neighborhood Association dues are due in March.   Copied below is the form to join or to renew your current membership



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Please complete this form and mail or deliver it along with your dues payment to:


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