WPLNA Minutes 05.09.17


Minutes 05.09.17 


President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:00 and waived the normal order of business to accommodate our guest speakers:

  • Judge Roy Richter, Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District
  • Matthew Vianello, Attorney from Jacobson, Press & Fields
  • Thomas Neill, Attorney and member of the 22nd Circuit Judicial Commission.


The guests explained why we voters have a choice among candidates for some judicial positions but not for others. All Missouri judges are subject to voter approval by election each new term, although their initial selection varies. Missouri has two systems for electing judges

  • Partisan elections (more common in smaller communities)
  • Non partisan elections: Judges who serve under the non-partisan court plan or the “Missouri Plan” are selected by nominating commissions made up of citizens, lawyers and a judge and appointed by the Governor.


The Missouri Plan was developed over 75 years ago to remove money and appearance of partiality out of the judiciary. It has since been adopted by 35 other states.   It works like this:

  • Appellate Judicial Commission, 7 members: 3 citizens appointed by the Governor, 3 lawyers elected by Bar members and 1 Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice. Their role is to interview, screen, and forward 3 applicants to the Governor for each open position. Members of the commission are unpaid.
  • The Governor chooses 1 of the 3 candidates nominated.
  • Newly appointed judge takes office upon appointment; voters vote on retention in elections.


How do voters decide how to vote on retaining judges? A wealth of information is available, including:

  • Missouri Bar Association publishes recommendations each October based on juror and attorney surveys. http://www.mobar.org
  • The Judicial Performance Evaluation Committees publish recommendations at YourMissouriJudges.org.
  • Although not referencing specific judges, the Missouri Sentencing Advisory Commission publishes statistics on types of crime, rate of imprisonment and rate of probations. mosac.mo.gov



Minutes for April 11, 2017 were approved as written.



Savings account balance:          $1,381.69

Certificate of deposit value:      $7,090.98

Checking account balance:       $1,055.10

Mr. Werner reminded attendees that annual WPLNA dues are now due and can be paid at the close of the meeting or via mail to Mr. Terry Werner, WPLNA Treasurer, 4121 West Pine Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.



Laura Cohen was unable to attend but sent this list of tasks for neighborhood blitz cleanup:

  • Planting urns at West Pine and Boyle (5 minute job)
  • Weeding various tree wells in the neighborhood.
  • Jeff Miner would like some mulch for the planters at Boyle & Laclede and at Sarah & Laclede (Laura offered to try to find free mulch and get it delivered)
  • There will be a 2-hour work morning at 9:00 on Saturday May 20th. Meet at Laclede and Boyle.


By consensus the following unopposed candidates were confirmed:

  • David Maltby 4300 block of West Pine
  • Scott Gilbert 4300 block of Laclede
  • Fred Priese 4100-4200 block of West Pine
  • Open 4100-4200 block of Laclede

Contact information for block captains will be posted on the association’s web page.



Marshall Michener was unable to attend the meeting. One member reported that last year all of the fruit was stolen from the peach tree in his yard and wondered how one protects against a repeat theft this year.



The condominium construction project at Laclede and Sarah will need to close the alley between Laclede and West Pine for about 3 weeks to accommodate sewer and Ameren electric work. For questions or problems, contact Nelson Vogt, 314-568-5673.


Susan Anderson has been appointed interim Executive Director of Park Central Development in light of the departure of Brooks Goedeker. She reported that they are reviewing the Special Business District and its current limitations. One consideration is to request a Community Improvement District instead, which would be subject to voter approval.


Ron Coleman (314 – 657-1361) said tree plantings in our neighborhood have been done. Any new tree requests will be considered next year. Also, they are exploring removal of some telephone poles on Sarah, which would create spaces for new tree plantings.


Ron reminded us that tree branches must be disposed of in the yard waste dumpsters. The city does not collect branches left in the alley and may ticket the homeowner behind whose yard the branches are located.


Diana Gualdoni reminded the group that the current real estate figures (listings, rentals and sales) are provided by Sandy Bender and are updated monthly on the Association web site.


Respectfully submitted,

Diana Gualdoni, Acting Secretary


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