WPLNA Minutes 1.9.18


Minutes 1.9.18


President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM and waived the normal order of business to allow a question and answer session with the guest speaker below.



Harold invited Mr. Efthim to attend to address complaints related to traffic violations in our neighborhood, such as speeding and running stop signs. After much discussion that included comments from Alderman Joe Roddy and Ron Coleman as well as Len and attendees, Harold agreed to prepare a summary for Len, Joe, and Ron of less costly suggestions for their consideration:

  • Illuminated (LED) stop signs at the intersections of both Sarah and Boyle with West Pine and Laclede;
  • High visibility crosswalks at all intersections;
  • Additional signage, specifying “Pedestrian Crossing;” “Bicyclists Have Full Use of Lane;” lower speed limits on West Pine and Laclede; and the like;
  • Speed humps as practicable on both Sarah and Boyle;
  • Speed bumps in the alley between West Pine and Laclede, from Vandeventer west to Sarah; and
  • “Schoemehl Pots,” attractively planted and perhaps even painted, as temporary bulb-outs / street restrictors at the intersection of Sarah and Laclede (and even the possibility of using a Pot as a roundabout at that intersection). Note that the use of “Pots” wasn’t discussed at the meeting, but one of our members suggested this alternative in a private conversation with Harold afterwards.


Sarah and Lindell now have an electric count down light to alert pedestrian that a traffic light is about to change. Residents of 6th North are concerned that the number of seconds in the countdown is inadequate for some wheel chair bound residents and will test the length with a few of the slower residents.



Minutes for November 14, 2017 were approved as written with one typo correction.



Terry Werner was absent but provided the following information for Harold:

Savings account balance:          $1,056.89

Certificate of deposit value:      $7,127.19

Checking account balance:       $2,420.19



Marshall Michener reported that per Jim Whyte police have made progress on a house burglary of a few months ago. DNA testing of the accused appears to link the suspect to at least one other burglary.


A resident noted that he waited 1.5 hours for police response to a call made to report a possible burglar. Marshall will share report with Jim Whyte.


4101 will have three security cameras connected into its area.

Ron Coleman reported that security cameras are a significant help in identifying offenders. In 2017 police reviewed 140 films over 268 staff hours and made 53 arrests based on camera views.



The Block’s member attendee reported that the restaurant’s business is suffering significantly from impediments caused by construction of 4101 despite the developer’s and project manager’s promises that the restaurant would not suffer financial losses as it did with construction of West Pine Lofts. Communication from the project has been inadequate. For example, with no advance information, construction now includes a large hole in front of The Block with only a piece of plywood covering the hole. The restaurant has lost gas and electricity because of construction work that resulted in lost business and refrigerated supplies. Its 2017 sales were significantly down compared with the previous two years including several cancellations from large holiday parties because of inadequate parking caused by production staff trucks from the site. Ron Coleman will meet with the 4101 project manager January 11, 2018 to discuss these and additional complaints from The Block.


4355 West Pine was sold at auction and is being rehabbed by a new family moving into the neighborhood.


Respectfully submitted,

Terry Van Schaik



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