WPLNA Minutes 2.13.18


Minutes 2.13.18

President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM and waived the normal order of business to allow a presentation regarding the proposal to replace our expiring Special Business District (SBD) with a new Community Improvement District (CID). Presentors included Abdul-Kaba Abdullah, Executive Director of Park Central Development, Sarah Feagans, Park Central, Annette Pendelton, Park Central, and Commissioners for the Special Taxing District Jeff Miner, Marshall Michener, and Yusef Scoggin.

The SBD was established in 1996 with an assessment of $0.85 for every $100 of assessed property value. Funds were restricted to safety and security initiatives. In 2009 the ordinance was renewed, the boundary was nearly doubled and assessment was lowered to $0.43 for every $100 of assessed value. The funds generated by these assessments are being used for security patrols, pedestrian lighting and, in partnership with NSI, helping to create a security camera network within the district.

Moving forward, the SBD would like to continue to focus on safety and security, focusing on such things as new street lights on blocks with ineffective lighting, maintaining and growing the security camera network, and expanding security patrols while implementing other crime prevention efforts.

The Southeast SBD expires at the end of 2018. The SBD’s revenue is kept low due to the Hancock Amendment, interfering with its ability to meet the needs of the District. The current ordinance restricts spending to safety and security initiatives; however, the neighborhood is requesting additional services.

If a new CID is not in place, all programs will end: security patrols, new security cameras and updated pedestrian lighting. A new CID would be able to continue the current initiatives as well as address additional needs such as cleaning and landscaping, economic development, marketing and promotion.

With this in mind, the Board of Commissioners made the following recommendation:

  • Create a new CID to replace the SBD
  • Reduce the size of the District, revising boundaries to reflect residential areas
  • Return the property assessment to a maximum of $0.85 per $100 assessed value
  • Include a full range of services (not just safety and security)
  • Keep the CID in place for 20 years
  • Not change the assessment for 20 years
  • Keep same number of board members and qualifications as SBD

The community must give its approval for the CID to happen

  • Property owners will be given the opportunity to sign a ballot if they are in favor of the CID
  • All condominium owners must vote regardless of the number of co-owners/unit. All ballots must be notarized.
  • Owners or associations who do not want to approve the CID will simply not sign a ballot
  • Approval requires 51% of all property owners to vote YES (208 of 413 owners)
  • And of those YES votes, 51% of the assessed property value needs to be represented ($27,325,311 of $54,650,620)

Timeline: The goal is to submit by 4/15/18 in order to be reflected in next year’s tax bills.



Minutes for January 9, 2018 were approved as written with one typo correction.



Savings account balance:          $1,056.89

Certificate of deposit value:                 $7,127.19

Checking account balance:       $2,060.31 – after expenses for website security, conference fees and a gift to Northwest Coffee (as approved by membership)



No new incidents to report. It was noted that the 2017 shooter on Maryland Plaza has been tried and convicted. Call NSI office if you are interested in attending the sentencing.



Chairman Harold Karabell reported that, of the requests from January’s meeting, the City has agreed to provide the following:

  • High visibility crosswalks will be installed at Sarah and Lindell
  • Additional signage – working on exactly what signage
  • Speed humps in the alley behind 6 North
  • Timing on electric traffic signal at Sarah and Lindell has been reset to allow more time to cross

Alderman Joe Roddy reported that the ash trees in St. Louis, as expected, have been infected and that the City will be removing all ash trees on city property as soon as possible. Replacements will be planted as funding allows. He also said two tenants have been confirmed in the Foundry: Alamo Brewhouse and Punchbowl Social.

Ron Coleman, Neighborhood Improvement Specialist, reported that the northern section of the brick wall on Laclede at Taylor was destroyed by a car just one week after it had been rebuilt. The driver was not injured and reported the accident to police but has no insurance.

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Gualdoni

Acting Secretary


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