Update on crime in the neighborhood

Report on Crime

TO:            Central West End Residents

FROM:       Jim Whyte, Executive Director, CWE NSI

RE:              Status Report

I am writing to report on the status of criminal activity that has been the source of great concern recently among many CWE residents.  The incidents of greatest concern involve a series of six armed robberies and car jackings that occurred between June 12th and June 18th in the CWE and DeBaliviere Place neighborhoods, all of which were committed by the same person.  I am pleased to report that the suspect was arrested on June 19th and is in Federal custody where he has been indicted on multiple charges.  The NSI security cameras provided valuable images that helped identify the suspect and lead to his arrest by the SLMPD.

The other incident of concern involved a series of night time thefts of bicycles and other personal property by a subject who was seen climbing fences and entering rear yards.  Again, the NSI cameras, as well as privately owned security systems, were instrumental in identifying the subject responsible.  A special overnight detail of police officers working for our supplemental patrol provider, The City’s Finest, was responsible for the arrest on June 14th.  The subject was charged with a misdemeanor count of theft and released on a very low bond. I believe this subject is back in the neighborhood and still active stealing bikes, rummaging through cars and other acts of theft.  Police are aware of this person and working on developing additional cases against him.

It is important to know that the NSI camera system has supplied video evidence to the SLMPD that has resulted in more than 35 arrests since January. It is unlikely that any of these arrests could have been made without the assistance of the images collected by our cameras.

In addition, excellent images were captured by security cameras located on private property.  Residents are encouraged to consider installing interactive home security systems such as those offered by Ring, Arlo, Nest and other vendors.  The ability to identify culprits often leads to prompt arrests.

Citizen involvement is key to maintaining a safe and secure environment. We can all contribute by exercising precaution, being alert to suspicious activity, and reporting incidents and concerns to police promptly.  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Report suspicious persons to police by calling 911 immediately.Provide the dispatcher with a detailed description, nature of suspicious behavior, gender, race, clothing description and other notable observations.  Off-duty supplemental patrols working for The City’s Finest carry police radios and are often the first to respond to call for police service.
  2. Lock your cars and do not leave valuables inside unattended.
  3. Secure bikes, lawn equipment and other items in your garage when not in use.
  4. Photograph your property for insurance and identification purposes.
  5. Install “Beware of Dog” signs at the alley entrance to your property, even if you don’t have a dog.
  6. Install dusk-to-dawn or motion activated lighting.

These are just a few suggestions which should help in protecting your property and keeping you safe.  Don’t hesitate to call the NSI office for anything safety related, (314) 454-5808.


from Nextdoor Central West End West news feed, June 29, 2018

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