WPLNA Minutes 04.04.19

As approved at the May meeting:


Minutes 04.09.19

President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.


The minutes were approved by consensus without any corrections.


Certificate of deposit value:    $7,211.30 

Checking account balance:      $2,231.43

Savings account balance:        $1,060.19


Lorraine Simpson volunteered to chair the Beautification Committee with assistance from Susan Nauert. Their key responsibilities are to help WPLNA focus on specific needs/projects (e.g., median watering and planting and interacting with Brightside and Regis).

Historically Rejis has been responsible for maintaining the West Pine median, which is currently in great need of maintenance. Harold explained that in the past Regis has covered expenses for all plantings, supplies, etc. Lorraine will contact Regis to enquire of their plans for 2019. 

Removal of the river birches in planters at Laclede and Newstead is planned so that these inappropriate trees can be replaced with smaller more appropriate ones. Alderman Roddy is aware of this project. 

The grounds outside Park Place need maintenance. Susan will follow up with the city.

The West Pine dog way station needs maintenance. Scott Gilbert will ask the CWE Vets if they will maintain the station as they have done for other stations in the neighborhood. 


 Ron Coleman was not in attendance. Attendees remarked on the following: 

The city has contacted the lollipop lights vendor to secure replacements of those that are not working in the 4300 block of Laclede.

Parking meters are to be installed on Sarah in front of Juniper.

Timing of Boyle and Clayton stop light will be adjusted.

The architect for 4308 is back on the job and reports “slow but steady progress.”


Mr. Roddy reported the following: 

SLU at Chouteau & Grand: This very large SLU construction site has received sufficient approvals to assume the project looks like a go ahead.

NGA: NGA architecture renderings were released today. The NGA has formed an arrangement with SLU to work on joint educational programs. At a meeting chaired by SLU’s president, Vint Cerf (Google) predicted “incredible” vendor growth opportunities for STL from the clustering of tech operations around the NGA. 

Metrolink extension to NGA: This extension is in question partly because of changes in urban transportation expected as driverless autos become a reality.

Impact of NGA on Pruitt Igoe: With time, the NGA site may increase renovation of this old public housing development.

New Fields grocery store: “Work is progressing on the store at Delmar and Euclid, and the store should open for business in the near-future.”


Marshall was not in attendance, so no security report was given. 

4300 block of W. Pine: “No Parking” cones were placed several weeks ago with no end date and no explanation for why they were placed. Harold advised contacting Ron Coleman to have the cones removed.  


 Block Captains: Fred Priese and Scott Gilbert were unanimously re-elected.

Operation Brightside: Attendees voted unanimously in support of the motion to schedule the annual neighborhood cleanup blitz for May 4 from 9-12. Nancy Lewandowksi is planning the event including preparing and distributing announcement flyers. 

Adjourned 7:37 PM

Respectfully submitted by Terry Van Schaik, Acting Secretary.

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