WPLNA Meeting on Tues. 07/12/22 at 7:00

The West Pine Laclede Neighborhood Association will meet on Tuesday, July 12th at 7 pm at Northwest Coffee, 4251 Laclede (at Boyle).  All are welcome!

The minutes from our June meeting and copied below and will be presented for approval at the upcoming meeting.  Please note that to save on paper and ink, only a minimal number of hard copies of minutes will be printed for review and approval, so you are encouraged to read the minutes on line prior to coming.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.




West Pine Laclede Neighborhood Association

MINUTES from meeting on June 14, 2022


7:05 PM  WPLNA President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order with introductions.

20 neighbors were in attendance.

Treasure Terry Warner provided this report to the Secretary post-meeting:

  • Checking:             $527.69
  • Savings:             $3,069.12
  • Time Deposit:   $4,452.83


We began with the new design presentation of 41 Lindell by Jim Fredericks, representing Garrison Properties. Mr. Fredericks handed out printed copies of the new design of the proposed rental property structure.

  • The developer asked the architect to visit St. Louis to render a design in congruence with the classic look of Lindell Blvd.
  • Removed from the design: parking in front, trash in alley
  • Added to the new design: one entrance on Lindell, one entrance at alley, west exit trash, higher ceilings on top floor.
  • The existing ABNA building, constructed in the early 20th century as a SOCONY-VACUUM gas station and office building, will remain.

Mr. Fredericks asked for approval of the design.

Questions and comments (Q) from neighbors, Responses from Mr. Fredericks (R)

Q. Where is perspective on rear view?

Q. How deep is set back on second floor? (Harold Karabell)

R.  5 feet


Q. How far back would it be without a variance? What is the requirement of set-back?

R. 5 feet


Q. Parking lot?

Q. Dog Park?

R.  There Will be no dog park.


Q. Environment impact?   LED certification?

R.  Unless it is required by the City, this is not part of the plan.


Alderwoman Tina Pihl, present by cell phone, raises the Green Building Council Green Initiative.

Northside development?

R.  Construction and timing of construction: 18 months

There will be dust, there will be vibrations.

There is no ongoing litigation with Garrison.


Q.  Is Garrison bonded to handle property damage costs?

R.  Yes.


Q.  Taxes.

R.  Builder will be asking for tax abatement.  We are prepared to give a reasonable amount to North Side Redevelopment.


Q.  Noah: What is that number for investment?

Alderwoman Pihl will demand a pretty stiff price for North Side Redevelopment.

Harold Karabell asks Tina’s intention to demand investment by the developers.


Q.  We want to stop the tax abatement in order to allow for support to disinvested neighborhoods.

We would like a developer who reflects the values of this neighborhood. We would like answers now rather than later.

How is the number calculated?

R.  A dollar amount is presented rather than a percentage.


There are currently 232 units.

Q. Will there be charging stations?

R.  Yes. (These are required by the City ordinance.)


Q.  Where are air compressors?

R.  On the roof


Q.  Dumpsters?

R.  In the rear of the building.


Q.  How do trucks get around that triangle?

R.  No idea, but we believe it will work.


Q.  Why can’t trash be across the street?

(No clear response.)


R.  There is no dog park.


Q.  What happens if ABNA Building changes mind and decides to sell?

R.  Odds are almost zero that this building would be retained in the design.


Q.  Plans to hire minorities?

R.  Yes, City ordinance requires this for construction.


Q.  Who is the contractor?
R. Ranieri, at this point. (Unclear?)


Q.  Materials?

R.  Brick, stucco, metal, fiberboard


R.  There will be a retail space in bottom floor.


Q.  Is owner of ABNA Bldg. in agreement with plans?


Q.  Parking lot across the alley?


At this point in our meeting, Mr. Fredericks was asked to leave for a discussion by those in attendance.


What is the sense of the body present?

Concerning the aesthetics/design/site plan:


General comments were

“mediocre, ABNA building a giant spur, this design is better than last design”


Harold Karabell proposes we individually let Alderwoman Pihl know our opinion.


A variety of questions were posed, to gain a sense of the overall opinion about the project.


How many are opposed?

–           8 votes, 2 abstentions


How many would like to see this built as depicted in this elevation?

–           9 votes


How many are not opposed?

–           7 votes


Concerning the alley variance:


How many are opposed to granting the alley setback variance?”

–           16 votes


How many are in favor of granting the developer an alley setback variance?

–           1 vote with 2 abstentions


Harold Karabell stated that we can formally oppose granting the variance set-back.

He suggests we send our individual opinions to Alderwoman Pihl.



We are almost evenly divided on the aesthetics and site plan and therefore take no official position.

There is almost unanimous opposition to the granting of an alley zoning variance. Therefore, it is the position of the WPLNA to oppose the granting of such a variance.



Ron Coleman introduced Mark ­­­­­­­­Dangerfield , Commissioner for the Southeast Special Business District.


The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.


Minutes submitted by secretary Catherine Swanstrom.


We are grateful to Northwest Coffee for graciously lending their space for our meeting.