WPLNA MEETING ON TUES. 8/8/2023 at 7:00

The West Pine Laclede Neighborhood Association will meet on Tuesday, August 8th at 7 pm at Northwest Coffee, 4251 Laclede (at Boyle).  All are welcome!

The minutes from our July meeting are appended.  Please take a minute to review before they are presented for approval at the August meeting.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.


West Pine Laclede Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2023

7:05 President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order.

  • We began with introductions.
  • We welcomed new members Lindsey Shelton and Rachel Powers.

Treasurer’s Report Terry Werner

  • $ 2,097.04       Checking – We have received a check from Regis for island maintenance.
  • $ 2,070.77       Savings
  • $ 4,473.41       Time Deposit

Presentation by City Assessor Michael Dauphin

  • The City places value on real and personal property and maintains real estate records.
  • Monday was the last day to appeal real estate values.
  • There have been fewer appeals than in previous years – about 1000 appeals in the City this year.
  • What do assessors consider?
  • Improvements, condition, square footage, number of cars for garage
  • Assessor’s office is putting together document to provide regulation for short-term rental and AirBnb’s.
  • Senate Bill 190: Freezes taxes for people 65 and older. Will not likely go into effect until 2024. St. Louis City’s option to adopt is pending.
  • Circuit Breaker Program for tax bill for low-income people over 65
  • RETAFF.org for people who are in danger of not being able to pay their tax bill, to protect older residents from facing foreclosure.
  • Apartment buildings were hit the hardest in recent assessment.

Other business:

  • A motion was made to accept May and June Minutes.
  • Question about trees with the pink ribbons. We do not need to water these. These are being watered by City.
  • May and June Minutes were adopted, by consensus.

Beautification Report Lorraine Simpson

  • Lorraine expressed thanks to all the volunteers who helped with memorial for Bob Kramer. The neighborhood association helped host a reception at Tower Grove Park following his memorial service.
  • Trees: Last summer we hired someone to trim lower branches of the trees.
  • We now need to address big limbs. A neighbor inquired fallen branches are falling into sidewalk, preventing wheelchair bound neighbors from accessing sidewalk, an ADA issue. She was asked to send pictures of tree branches to Lorraine.
  • There is mud and water at a curb cut at Park Place. Put in by Park Place and does not meet ADA standards.
  • Lorraine has a Scholarship Program that provides a free litter grabber to pick up around the neighborhood.

Big thanks to the residents who help with litter clean-up!

  • Tree removal at island on median planter on Sarah and Laclede: We could perhaps remove the dead tree ourselves.
  • Jeff Miner, who maintains the median planter at Sarah and Laclede, is a commissioner on the special business district. He might have resources to remove tree.
  • Note (8/4) Jeff has given his consent to remove the dead tree.
  • Terry has permission to trim trees in Neighborhood.

Update from Alderman Michael Browning

  • The Independence Center’s new Building has been approved for tax abatement by the City. The project should begin within a year.
  • There is a federal APPA grant to repave Grand, Jefferson and Kingshighway
  • Three intersections within the ward will see improvements for safety. These are Kingshighway and Delmar, Kingshighway and Lindell, Lindell and Whittier. Also looking at Laclede and Kingshighway.
  • Short term rental legislation bill is underway. Tenants Right to Council: City will provide a lawyer to renters to be sure that they are not being evicted illegally, which often ruins their credit and their chances of renting again.
  • Board Bill 29 to limit open carry of weapons. It is illegal for minors to conceal and carry.
  • “Right to Know” – A police officer must introduce self and show badge in order to question/arrest someone.
  • Will there be protected bike lanes? Yes, we need to put more of these in. Alderman will present to City about how to implement these measures better.
  • Comprehensive transportation study to look at different forms of transportation, including the hiring of a person to address bikes and pedestrian issues.
  • What is the status cycle track / protected bi-directional bike lane in Tower Grove? This is being funded and will connect to Cortex. We are awaiting repavement of Tower Grove.

Jared from Mayor Jones’s office shared that the SLDC will host a luncheon to honor Bob Kramer

The meeting closed 8:15 PM

Minutes submitted by Secretary Catherine Swanstrom

Thanks as always to Northwest Coffee for graciously hosting our meeting.