Crime follow-up

CWE Neighbors,

I am writing to alert you to a recent crime trend involving small groups of young men that is very concerning and to advise how you can assist in making our community safer.

As some may be aware, there has been a pattern of robberies occurring in neighborhoods throughout the City including the Central West End.

Over the last few weeks certain patterns have emerged. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has indicated many of these recent events have primarily involved female victims walking alone or getting into or out of cars. Fortunately, there have been no serious injuries. In most of these cases there have been multiple suspects, some of whom have been armed. The perpetrators of these crimes have been young (juveniles under 17 years of age), black males, and the incidents have occurred between 5pm -10pm. The suspects have taken cars, cell phones, purses and other property.

The good news is the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has made numerous arrests, recovered weapons and cars taken in the robbery incidents and property belonging to the victims. The security cameras put into operation by the CWE Neighborhood Security Initiative have provided critical images and video that have contributed significantly to the successful identification and apprehension of suspects. There are on-going investigations into some of the events and work to be done to identify all those responsible for these crimes.

The police have directed additional resources into the areas where these incidents have occurred. The CWE Neighborhood Security Initiative has added supplemental patrols and is coordinating with police investigators to assist with their efforts.

We still need your help! Please DO NOT HESITATE to report any suspicious behavior by calling 9-1-1 immediately. Be prepared to provide detailed descriptions, including number of individuals, approximate age and race, any distinctive apparel, direction of travel, etc. Share information with your neighbors, but make sure that it is accurate. Input from the CWE community has been essential, and we ask that you continue to be vigilant.

Jim Whyte
Executive Director, CWE NSI

447 N. Euclid

St. Louis, Missouri 63108
314-454-5808 office
314-361-0496 fax

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