Minutes: 03.08.16

President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.


Patrick Hamacher, one of four candidates for Circuit Attorney in the upcoming election, is visiting neighborhood associations to get first hand insights into issues they face. He has been endorsed by the St. Louis Ethical Society of Police. He spoke about the importance of St. Louis City being able to unify its response to crime and his support of the Peer Program initiated by Mayor Francis Slay and 21st ward Alderman Antonio. (From CBS St. Louis: The plan includes neighborhood officers to get to know residents, permanent park rangers, a forestry department crew dedicated to keeping streets and alleys clean, not-for-profits offering more for kids to do, five new job placement centers, and more surveillance cameras.

It requests more homicide detectives, since fewer than half of killings right now are solved, and also states a need for more police officers in general. The plan also notes efforts already underway, including the Mission SAVE project, which zeroes in on the social circles around criminals to peer pressure them away from trouble.)


Minutes from the January 11, 2016 and the February 9, 2016 meetings were approved as presented.

WPLNA is in need of a volunteer Web site manager. Since Karen, the Association’s former Web manager, moved out of the neighborhood several months ago, Diana Gualdoni and Terry Van Schaik have assumed temporarily responsibilities for managing portions of the Web site. Although the time commitment is not great, they are not experienced Web managers and do not bring optimal management to the site.

With Harold’s agreement, they are questing for a volunteer who would serve as the Web manager while Terry Van Schaik continues to manage the member and contact lists.

The Web manager’s primary responsibilities would be to

  • Assess the state of the current Web site and, if necessary, recommend and augment changes to it
  • Post content to the Web site, such as the monthly minutes and security information

If you or someone you know would contribute to WPLNA by taking on this role, Terry asked that you please contact her (tvanschaik50@gmail.com; 314-535-0486).


Savings account balance: $1051.82

Certificate of deposit value: $7022.51

Checking account balance: $1,147.98

Member dues are due now and carry the member through to March 31, 2016 in accord with WPLNA’s fiscal year, which is April thorough March..



Harold reported that Diana and Laura have met with a representative of the Forestry Department who is committed to increasing trees planted in the neighborhood including replacements for the ash trees that will be or have been removed.

Regis is going to continue maintaining the planter on West Pine.

Dug Feltch reported that Brightside has begun planning for its annual Blitz Bloom. The Blitz includes a Saturday morning neighborhood cleanup using supplies and equipment Brightside provides. The Association will set the date for the area cleanup at the April meeting. The Spot has provided snacks in the past. Doug may approach The Retreat and The Block for contributions this year.


Marshall Michener reported on an assault, battery, and carjacking at Euclid and West Pine. The crime involved two perpetrators involved; one arrest has been made.


  1. Renovations: Optimistic Building (4494 Lindell) – still pending
  2. New Construction: 32-40 N. Euclid (Koman project) – demolition is complete and new tenant, Shake Shack, announced.
  3. Properties for Sale: No update on John McElwain’s properties.
  4. Business Updates:
    1. Whole Foods opens May 4; Orian apartments are 54% leased.
    2. PCD expects to be able to make an announcement soon about a possible new business in the former Herschel’s Deli at the southwest corner of Euclid and West Pine (Forest Park Hotel).
    3. Scarlet Wine Bar owners applied for a liquor license January 25 and will need to obtain local resident signatures as part of the licensing process.
  5. CWE Infrastructure:
    1. Permit only parking will be instituted on Laclede to accommodate live/work employees.
    2. Sewer problems and ATT’s underground lines are causing delays on work at the east side of Euclid between Forest Park and Laclede.
  6. “CWElive” is now on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram providing reports regarding the Euclid streetscape, development projects, and business news and events.
  7. Upcoming events: Park Central gala on April 23 at Moto Museum at 3441 Olive.



Election of block captains will be held at the April meeting. Harold called for nominees.

Terry Werner would again distribute handouts in the neighborhood to encourage dues paying membership. He will post a request on the Web site asking for volunteers to help w/ the door-to-door distribution.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Van Schaik, Secretary


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