WPLNA Minutes 05.10.2016


Minutes: 5.10.16

President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:02 PM.


Jared Boyd introduced Tishaura Jones, St. Louis City Treasurer, who is running uncontested for re-election 8/2/16. Ms Jones described several of her official accomplishments from 2016 to the present. These include:

  1. Financial empowerment and treasury operations
    1. Moving 1600 employees to direct deposit pay
    2. Opening of a full-service financial empowerment center in City Hall (stlfoe.org) that is open to city residents
    3. Raising, investing, and donating >$250,000
    4. Improving processes and negotiating new contracts that resulted in savings of $500,000
    5. Holding weekly financial empowerment classes with total attendance of 1,100 to date
    6. Establishing College Kids program that opens a savings account for college to every kindergarten student entering St. Louis public school ($50.00/student); funds come from increased parking meter revenue
    7. Developing and running the annual Financial Empowerment and Job Fair
  2. On- and off street parking operations
    1. Removing 2,300 city meters many of which were broken or rarely used
    2. Replacing old with smartmeters
    3. Introducing ParkLouie app
    4. Forming the Parking Operators Task Force


Susan Anderson reported the following:

  1. Renovations
    1. Optimist Building (4494 Lindell): Koman’s purchase of the building will not proceed.
  2. New Construction
    1. 32-40 N. Euclid (Koman project): The project is moving forward and is slightly delayed because of unexpected underground issues. The West Pine Laclede/Euclid sidewalk is closed to pedestrians and the alley is closed at Laclede.
  3. Recently sold properties
    1. 4101 West Pine and 215-21 N. Sarah proposed townhouses by Lawrence Group: No date set yet for hearing on variance.
    2. 4101 Laclede: Trees have been cut down. Susan will find out where the construction access will be located.
    3. 4236 Lindell and 4205 West Pine: Susan expects a presentation from the Levins to be planned soon.
  4. Business updates
    1. Whole Foods: Opening date now set for May 25. 45% angled parking will be in front of the site. The bump-out at the parking garage entrance are high; the City will be striping and painting the “bump out” to alert drivers to its menacing presence. Until then, drive with care.
    2. Gerhard Lofts (3900 Laclede/1-17 Vandeventer) Kaldi’s will be a second commercial tenant.
    3. Scarlet Wine Bar: Opening is expected in May or early June.
  5. CWE infrastructure
    1. West Pine pedestrian streetlights
      1. 4252 West Pine missing fixture: Penn Globe is identifying the best fixture and size for replacement.
      2. 4400 West Pine lighting: The projected cost is $270,000. CWE South East will provide $100,000 with the balance paid by Alderman Roddy’s capital improvement fund. Funding is expected within about two months.
    2. East side of Euclid between Forest Park and Laclede: Most of the streetlights and trees are installed with the final phase (NE corner of Forest Park and Euclid) expected to be completed by mid-May. Alderman Roddy’s “encouragement” pushed the approval process back to the forefront and got the project moving again.
    3. Elevation of Forest Park at Kingshighway: Work will begin after the July 4th celebration and completed before July 4, 2017 celebrations begin.
    4. Forest Park SE Dog Park at Chouteau and Newstead: The fence will be installed soon with a ribbon cutting on June 11. Membership to the park is open to CWE residents; contact Hannah at 314-678-7761 or Hannah@ParkCentralDevelopment.org.
  6. Events
    1. Park Central Gala: Held April 23 at Moto Museum at 3441 Olive, the gala was a great success.
    2. IndiHop May 21: This shared event between The Grove and Cherokee will include samplings of 50 beers, live entertainment, and shuttles between the two neighborhoods. Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 the day of the hop.


Minutes from the April 12, 2016 meetings were approved as corrected.


Savings account balance: $1,052.26

Checking: $1352.98

Certificate of deposit value: $7022.51

Member dues are due now and carry the member through to March 31, 2016 in accord with WPLNA’s fiscal year, which is April thorough March..


Rain diminished the work that could be done on the Brightside Clean Up Saturday, but overall the neighborhood looks clean.

The Community Garden had more mulch delivered than it can use; feel free to take for your own use. All neighbors may cut from the bountiful herb garden whether they are gardeners or not.

WPLNA donated $100 to Brightside.


A multi-event bicycle thief suspect has been arrested after Jim Whyte (CWE Neighborhood Security Initiative) had spot on local television with a photo of a suspect.

An elderly woman was accosted and had her car keys and care stolen early one Sunday morning near the Cathedral. The incident was captured on video.

A Laclede resident was robbed in daylight when he briefly stepped outside his building leaving wallet, car key, etc. briefly visible.

Dug Feltch will speak with Ron Coleman regarding ongoing problems with litter, loitering, noise, etc. presented by The SPOT. Dug also noted that despite having a designated parking lot, attendees rarely use it, preferring instead to park by Kramer’s Marionnettes and walk to The SPOT. Parking spaces are becoming a premium on Laclede, so encouraging attendees to use the lot seems reasonable.

Terry Werner has personal security cameras installed and will share films with Jim Whyte. Jim uses the film in defensive posture: views films available in areas where a crime occurred. Anyone installing security cameras should check with Jim to be sure the installation is compliant with his system and usage. Jim’s contact information is 314.454.5808 or jwhyte@cwensi.com.

Regarding noise disturbances at night, the standard is for music to be silenced on all patios by 11:00 and always played at a courteous volume. If a disturbance occurs, residents should first contact the offending establishment; if the disturbance continues, they should call the police.


Harold had new signs made announcing the WPLNA’s monthly meetings, which are placed at the east end of Laclede near Sarah and at Boyle and Laclede. He will order a third sign to be placed at west Laclede and Newstead.

4308 Laclede: The developer has paid half of the escrow bond of $75,000 he committed to be used if his renovation/construction results in damage to Mr. and Mrs. Strunk’s property immediately to the west.

Sadly, long time West Pine Laclede area Mr. Robert Strunk died suddenly of massive heart attack. A memorial service will be held May 21, 6:30 at the Living World at the St. Louis Zoo.


The meeting adjourned at 7:51 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Terry Van Schaik, Secretary


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