Crime updates

Three major violent crimes have occurred in the last month in the CWE and arrests have been made in all three.

A rape that occurred on Boyle in the Central West End. Police say a 26-year-old woman was sleeping in her second story bedroom when a man climbed in through a first floor window and assaulted her. (KTVI report)
Follow-up: Man charged in Central West End rape linked to crime through DNA, police say

A woman was fatally shot and was found at the intersection of Sara and Olive in the CWE. Authorities are investigating but to date there is no known motive. (Post Dispatch )
Follow-up: Central West End Murder Victim Was ‘Random’ Target, Police Say

A cab driver was found dead in his cab at Laclede and Kingshighway. Police are investigating. (Post Dispatch Story)

Follow-up: Suspect in killing of St. Louis cab driver is charged with unrelated use of stolen credit card

Thanks to the detectives of the SLPD and to the NSI for promptly providing video feeds to assist in the investigations.
These crimes are particularly disturbing and are part of a recent spike in violent crimes despite a reduction total crime over the past year. Residents are reminded to take the usual precautions, especially while walking after hours and to secure their premises.

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