WPLNA Minutes 04.11.17


Minutes 04.11.17


Minutes for March 14, 2017 were approved with one correction.


Savings account balance:          $1,251.69

Certificate of deposit value:     $7,090.98

Checking account balance:       $1,054.90

Mr. Werner reminded attendees that annual WPLNA dues are now due and can be paid at the close of the meeting or via mail to Mr. Terry Werner, WPLNA Treasurer, 4121 West Pine Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.


Laura Cohen reported that St. Louis Forestry has completed planting requested but some tree planters remain unused. She encouraged anyone whose area needs trees to contact her so that she can pursue with Alderman Roddy’s office.

Overall, the neighborhood landscaping is in good condition. She noted the following volunteers that will be attending to planters and street dividers:

  • Regis: The street divider at West Pine and Boyle
  • Diana Gualdoni and the Community Garden: Urns at Boyle and Laclede
  • Marshall Michener: Cul de sac at West Pine and Sarah
  • Jeff Miner: Planters at Boyle and Laclede and at Sarah and Laclede

Dug Feltch acknowledged the help that The Block is providing to keep Sarah clean and stated that trash overall seems to be down compared to other years. Volunteers will attend to needed areas during the annual Brightside clean up to be held Saturday May 13 or 20. (We will set the date at the May 9 meeting.)

Diana praised Forestry for acting on resident requests that trees recently planted on the 4300 block of Laclede be removed and replaced with more scale-appropriate flowering plum trees. She announced that the Community Garden now has a steering committee of gardeners and residents, and she is hopeful that improvements in the garden may occur this year, perhaps with Brightside’s assistance.

Attendees reported and discussed the significant damage done to the street divider at West Pine and Boyle in a high-speed car accident. Police have not located the driver despite reports made by witnesses. Ron Coleman will investigate repair or replacement of the damaged divider. Ron noted that repair of the plant dividers at Laclede at Sarah and at Boyle is included in the neighborhood needs list, but funds are scarce.



Ron reported that the condominium project slated for the Sarah and West Pine cul de sac is still in the works but with a developer other than The Lawrence group. He expects that the new developer will assume the plans formerly presented to the WPLNA.

CIC has paved the alley behind Scottish Arms, which adds about eight parking spaces to the area.

Dog way station content is now being collected, so residents should use the stations.

He reminded residents not to leave pruned tree branches laying in alleys. Instead they should deposit the material in the land waste dumpsters.

Because the city faces a $20 million shortfall this year, trash collection overall is not on a regular schedule because of a reduction in staff.

Notify Ron if election signs from April are still in place so that he can have them removed.

Related matter: Harold reported that footings and foundation have now been poured at 4308 Laclede and that hopefully the developer will repair the Juanita Strunk’s sidewalk.


Marshall Michener was unable to attend the meeting. Terry Werner reported a driver backed into his fence, which Terry captured on his security camera for police follow up.


Election of block captains will occur at the May meeting to allow time for volunteers to come forward or nominations to be made. Some attendees questioned the need for block captains and noted that several blocks have not had captains for some time. Ron encouraged filling these open positions with people who are involved and accountable because the captains can help engender interest and communication.

Harold defined the captain’s role as providing enthusiastic reporting of WPLNA activities, uncovering and reporting neighborhood concerns, and helping to communicate WPLNA news, events, elections, etc. Volunteers should contact Harold before the May meeting or plan to attend to volunteer from the floor.


The 4111 West Pine project is completed except for clean-up.

Cortex uses parking at Sarah and Forest Park for programs it runs from early morning throughout the day. Given parking shortages, Ron is working with Cortex to see if their attendees can use parking at Salvation Army’s lot.

Dumpsters used for a construction project on the 4200 block of West Pine take up needed parking spaces. Unfortunately, the dumpsters will be in place for at least three more months.

Ron reported that Boyle between Duncan and Forest Park is now designated as a “no parking” area. Ron expected that only the east side would be so designated, so he will investigate why both sides are now striped.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Van Schaik, Secretary


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