WPLNA Minutes 7.11.17


Minutes 07.11.17


Minutes for June 13, 2017 were approved as written.


Reminder: WPLNA’s bank account has changed from Eagle to Enterprise Bank. Staff, location, and financial terms are unchanged.

Savings account balance:          $1,055.55

Certificate of deposit value:                 $7,112.84

Checking account balance:       $2,010.19

Mr. Werner reminded attendees that annual WPLNA dues are past due and can be paid at the close of the meeting or via mail to Mr. Terry Werner, WPLNA Treasurer, 4121 West Pine Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.


Jared and Tiffany Boyd are again planning the WPLNA’s Neighborhood Night Out scheduled for Tuesday August 1, 2017. They need volunteers for set up, serving, and distribution of informational leaflets to multi-unit buildings. If you can help, please contact Jared at ljaredboyd@gmail.com. All residents are welcomed. The CWE Special Business District provides funds for the event. See attached flyer for details.


  1. With tree planting by the City completed for this year, the Committee will begin preparing its annual tree replanting report. Residents who know of places in need of new or replacement trees should contact Laura Cohen at lauratcohen@gmail.com.
  2. Laura thanked the people who are maintaining the street dividers/ planters (Jeff Miner, Marshall Michener, and Juris) and managing the Community Garden (Diana Gualdoni).
  3. Ron Coleman noted that WPLNA needs a volunteer to weed the Sarah and West Pine sidewalk between the curb and sidewalk (i.e., east of the cul de sac sculpture). The weedy tree wells are not considered City property, so they are WPLNA’s responsibility. Laura suggested that in 2018 WPLNA try planting the area instead of leaving it barren and, therefore, weed-welcoming.


SUSAN ANDERSON – Development

  1. The 100 N. Kingshighway project (at West Pine) is moving forward with the City permit process and funding.
  2. Harold noted that Grove Properties (developer of 4101 Laclede) has purchased the vacant lot on the northwest corner of West Pine and Sarah, immediately east of The Hampton Condominiums. The previous owner was the Lawrence Group. Austin Barzantny, the head of Grove Properties, is happy to meet with the Association later in the year to go over his plans for the West Pine parcel, which apparently are identical to what Lawrence Group had intended to do with the site.
  3. The former Growing Green building at 3900 West Pine has been sold and is going to be renovated.
  4. 3940 West Pine is the site for new construction of a 95 (one bedroom) apartment building with 1:1 parking.
  5. The Shake Shack planned for 32 N. Euclid plans to be operational by year end 2017. The remainder of the building at this address will still be under construction at that time.

Public Space/Right of Way

  1. Completion of the elevation of Forest Park at Kingshighway is expected to be Fall 2017.
  2. Pedestrian lighting design work for the 4400 block of West Pine is underway with the cost to be shared by CWE Southeast Special Business District (SBD) and the 17th Ward’s Capital Fund.
  3. CWE Southeast SBD’s ordinance will expire in 2018. The Board has decided not to renew as an SBD. Instead it will move forward with forming a Community Improvement District (CID). Reasons include the following:
    1. SBD’s ordinances require no change in allocation percentage of funding, which limits the ability to meet changing needs.
    2. The CID revenue will be based on property values, which must be cited on each property owner’s ballot and in the CID legislation. The SBD rate is $0.85 cents per $100 valuation. The CID rate will be $0.85 and remain the same as property values increaseThe expectation is that the change will generate more revenue and, therefore, allow more upgrades to the District, such as improved street lighting, cleaning, and trash removal.
    3. The 2017 property reassessment has slowed progress because these will be final after all the appeals have been resolved, which will be late August into early September.
    4. At that time Susan and the SBD Board will set up public meetings so that residents may hear the plans, ask questions, and ultimately vote via a notarized ballot.
    5. The CID is much more flexible but still has rigorous standards on transparent operations and management.
    6. Marshall Michener is the most newly appointed SBD Board member.


  1. Four water main breaks occurred along West Pine and were thoroughly addressed by the City.
  2. Paving of select streets is underway (e.g. Hampton, Vandeventer, Chouteau to Tower Grove). Euclid and Forest Park are scheduled for later this year.
  3. Sidewalks in 50/50 programs are being completed now.
  4. Parking in front of IKEA is now open to non-IKEA shoppers.


  1. Per Jim Whyte, no incidents have occurred recently. Overall crimes are down this year except that car theft has increased.
  2. The newly appointed forestry commissioner is Allen Jankowski. He served previously in the City’s parks maintenance management.
  3. The Block representative reported problems with meters along Sarah not working well and customers coming with questions about what to do about receipts not printing, debit cards not being accepted, etc.
  4. Attendees noted the positive addition of free standing bike racks and racks attached to parking meters.


The Alderman noted that he and other Aldermen and Women are working on standardizing the City’s allocation of financial incentives to developers and individual property owners. Aspects of regularizing decision making around incentives include the City’s economic viability, economic well-being of residents, impact of gentrification on neighborhoods and incentives on less developed areas, etc.


Terry Werner expects to have a bumper crop of honey for sale from his bees this fall.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Van Schaik, Secretary