WPLNA Minutes 09.12.17


Minutes 09.12.17

In the absence of President Harold Karabell, Treasurer Terry Werner called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM and waived the normal order of business to accommodate a guest speaker.

MARC DANGERFIELD – Evntur proposal for The 2017 Central West End Harvest Festival

Mr. Dangerfield is proposing an expansion of the successful Sarah and Laclede block party into the above event on October 21, 2017 (5:00 – 10:00 PM). The Festival would be held in two locations this year: 4101 Laclede (at Sarah) and the Holiday Inn parking lot at Lindell and Euclid. Attendee fees (either cash or donations of food, clothing, etc.) will go to victims of hurricanes Irma and Harvey. Local charity groups (e.g., Salvation Army) will collect and distribute the donations. Restaurant and non-restaurant businesses will be invited to participate in the event. Games, music, and local foods and drinks will be available. A hayride will be available to shuttle people between the two locations.

Security will be provided for the event, and portions of both Sarah and Laclede will be blocked to street traffic during set up and the event hours.

The music stage will be at 4101 Laclede next to construction site.

WPLNA could have a booth to attract membership, answer questions, etc.

The Festival would overlap from 5:00-6:00 PM with Pour and Pair in the Central West End (see below).

Alderman Roddy is supportive.

Process for approval: Marc will speak with Park Central Development to get approval. He will complete fund raising and obtain the necessary permits from City.

WPLNA Attendees unanimously supported going forwards with the event.

Mr. Dangerfield requested interested volunteers to contact him.


Minutes for August 8, 2017 were approved as written.


Savings account balance:          $1,055.55

Certificate of deposit value:      $7,112.84

Checking account balance:       $2,145.19

Mr. Werner reminded attendees that annual WPLNA dues are past due and can be paid at the close of the meeting or via mail to Mr. Terry Werner, WPLNA Treasurer, 4121 West Pine Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63108.


No new information to report.



Developers of The100 at Kingshighway and West Pine are moving forward the City permit process and funding.

Public Space/Right of Way

  1. Elevation of Forest Park at Kingshighway is now open.
  2. Design work for pedestrian lighting for the 4400 West Pine block is underway with costs to be shared by CWE Southeast SBD and the 17th Ward Capital Funds.

Central West End Special Business District

CWE Southeast SBD’s ordinance will expire in 2018. The Board has decided not to renew as an SBD. Instead it will move forward with forming a Community Improvement District (CID). Reasons include the following:

  1. The CID revenue will be based on property values, which must be cited on each property owner’s ballot and in the CID legislation. The original CWE Southeast SBD rate was $0.85 cents per $100 assessed value, but was reduced to $0.4233/$100 assessed value when the district boundaries were increased to Grand Blvd. The CID‘s eastern boundary will be Vandeventer, and the initial rate will be a maximum $0.85/$100 assessed value.  The rate can be reduced as major projects such as pedestrian street lights are installed throughout the District. The expectation is that the change will generate more revenue and the use of funds is flexible, allowing the needs of the community to be met as the neighborhood continues to evolve.  (SBD rules regarding use of funds are not flexible, with the percentage of funding set.) Planned District projects include street lighting, street and sidewalk cleaning and litter removal, and landscaping (primarily trees). Estimated revenue: $468,000 with administration costs of 7.5%.The CID revenue will be based on property values, which must be cited on each property owner’s ballot and in the CID legislation. The SBD rate is $0.85 cents per $100 valuation. The CID rate will be $0.85 and remain the same as property values increase. The expectation is that the change will generate more revenue and, therefore, allow more upgrades to the District, such as improved street lighting, cleaning, and trash removal. Estimated revenue: $468,000 with administration costs of 7.5%.
  2. The 2017 property reassessment has slowed progress because these will be final after all the appeals have been resolved, which will be late August into early September.
  3. At that time Susan and the SBD Board will set up public meetings so that residents may hear the plans, ask questions, and ultimately vote via a notarized ballot. Susan will need to obtain votes from property owners with a simple majority required for passage of the conversion.
  4. The CID is much more flexible but still has rigorous standards on transparent operations and management.
  5. In past conversions from SBDs to CIDs, property values have increased.


  1. Grove Fest is scheduled for Saturday October 7, 2017. (http://thegrovestl.com/grove-fest)
  2. Central West End Pair and Pour 2016 (facebook.com/events/676854972470954)


  1. Ron continues to work on the residents’ request for increased safety signage on blocks of West Pine and Laclede that have heavy traffic and use by pedestrians and children. He wants to meet resident requests while being careful to do nothing residents will oppose. He understands residents want signs with maximize visibility and concise messages. Currently the warning sign at Boyle/West Pine is too high to be seen and placing the sign in or near the planter seems a better option.
  2. Duncan Metro link is a year away from opening
  3. Sarah and Lindell – Engineers have been sent to look at the site to enhance security for pedestrians. Light timing has been adjusted.
  4. Per attendees, Forest Park at Kingshighway light cycling needs to be adjusted.
  5. Recycling event: UNSTASH THAT TRASH! to be held Sept. 16, 2017 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM at St. Louis Community College Education Center at 3140 Cass Ave; St. Louis 63106. For multiple services to be provided see http://stlcityrecycles.com/events/unstash-that-trash/


  1. Shooting on 8/29 at Taylor and Lindell. The suspect was apprehended and charged with this and additional incidents.
  2. Carjacking 8/31. Multiple offenders were apprehended.
  3. Constant watchfulness: Call police at any suspicious behavior – no matter the size of potential crime.
  4. Police actively picking up heroin and other drug users in local neighborhoods with the goal of transitioning them from jail to addiction care facilities. Police have made approximately 40 arrests in the last month. Prime locations for drug users include vacant properties such as the abandoned Mogul complex and the wooded area at Chouteau and Grand where SLU has $40,000 to clear the land of brush and trails.

Respectfully submitted,

Terry Van Schaik, Secretary

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