WPLNA Minutes 3.13.18


Minutes 3.13.18 – DRAFT

Call to order: 7:06pm

Dues are due – $25 individual/$30 business

Introductions of attendees

Minutes from February: City interprets CID statute that individual condominium owners will each have a vote – not just 1 per unit. Motion to approve: Approved

Treasurer’s Report

Savings: $1,056.89

CD : $7,127.19

Checking: $2,275.31 (had 215 of new members)

No expenditures in the past month

Terry Van Shaik requested $150 to attended SLACO Community Development conference in April. Dug Feltch makes motion. Jared Boyd seconds. PASSED

Committee Reports

Beautification: Ash trees to be removed in 5-10 days. Not sure what’s in WPLNA. All will be replaced. Variety of trees will be used. Laura & Mary Ann moving out of WPLNA – anyone interested in chairing, contact Laura

Development – property across from P.O. – Cortex owns it. Ron asked if they’d consider making it surface parking. Problem with sinking of site. Dug asked about a dog park. Ron will explore. Cortex taking up a lot of street parking. So is construction. Dorris Lofts also interested in more parking. Dorris Lofts – problems with corner – needs additional support. Condominium board is evaluating options.

4101 Laclede – contract pending on penthouse…asking price was $900,000. Mews unit sold for $300,000.

Parking – FP & Sarah (fenced lot) near Ikea – what is status? Ron said it’s owned by Cortex – he will ask about it.

Ron – new pedestrian crossings at Laclede & Sarah and some speed bumps in alley.

Kaldi’s and Zza going into Shake Shack building in April. Building is 16% leased.

Metro stop at Boyle-Sarah should be completed before summer.

Interest in dog clean-up and litter collection/trash cans – new CID will be able to do this.

CID Proposal – 4 upcoming events to educate people about proposal. (see flyer). Outreach events will explain how funds have been used in the past and what the new proposal includes. Yusef explained that many of the improvements that have made our neighborhood so nice have been funded by Special Business District mainly security (police and cameras). Interest in expanding to help with beautification in addition to security. CID will provide that latitude.

SBD expires at end of 2018. If not renewed (or changed to CID) there will be NO funds for these extra services. Also provides leverage for other public and private funds (like Wash U). Let’s WPLNA bring something to table.

NEW: Taylor to Vandeventer/Lindell to Forest Park

Boyle to Taylor/Lindell to Westminster – (Cathedral Square) – opted out. Don’t have cameras – crime has not gone down.

Other SBDs coordinate security through NSI.

Petition will circulate – need signatures to enact new CID. Hope to conclude signature collection by end of April.

Moss’ and others exempt from property tax have volunteered to pay in.

Security Committee – nothing much to report in WPLNA. Nearby: Shake Shack had robbery – caught suspect. Jeni’s robbed – suspect apprehended. Robbery at Lindell Schnucks – suspect arrested. In 2017 – more than 50 arrests due to security cameras. NSI camera system run by ACLU initially. Cameras are passive – no one monitors in real time. Use them when something is reported.

Terry Werner – security camera hit by lightning (went through Pecan tree) – fried system. Recycling container moved so Places for People doesn’t abuse it.

Elections in April – will distribute leaflets with dues reminder.

Brightside – can set our own date for alley/neighborhood clean-up. Dug is our Area Commander. They provide tools, bags, etc. Good way to clean neighborhood and work together. Will look at date in May. Decide at next meeting. Asks people to scout locations to clean. West Pine-Lindell and Laclede-West Pine may be 2 alleys that need attention. Marshall suggest 5/5/18 so margaritas will follow!


Jared Boyd’s daughter attended Stix Elementary magnet but also our neighborhood school. Volunteer opportunities available – Jared will share list.  Click on the link below to see the list.

Stix Volunteer Opportunities  –  Theda Wilson, Stix’s Family and Community Specialist, is the best person to contact for volunteer inquiries.  Her number is 314.533.0874 and her email address is theda.wilson@slps.org.

Thanks to NW Coffee for hosting us!












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