WPLNA Minutes 11.13.18


Minutes 11.13.18

President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM


The minutes were approved as revised to explain the Mr. Werner was absent from the October 2018 meeting because he was with family after the death of a younger brother and that he had given the Mr. Karabell a Treasurer’s Report prior to the meeting.


Certificate of deposit value:    $7,161.89

Checking account balance:      $2,396.31


The chairperson position is open. Contact Harold if you are interested in serving in this capacity. 

Per Ron Coleman, the infected ash trees have not all been removed but will be as soon as possible. Stumps will be removed, and new trees planted in 2019. 

Terry Van Schaik will ask Jeff Miner if he is willing to continue as gardener for the Laclede Avenue divider. 

The dog bag stand at Boyle & West Pine is broken and dog leavings are piling up. Regis seems to be responsible for maintaining this service. Ron Coleman will ask Regis to fix, maintain, or remove the stand

Ron will also follow up with AT&T regarding when it will repair the damage done by the airborne car that ran into the AT&T box. 


Ron answered several questions from attendees.

  1. The 4500 block of Laclede has new light fixtures in place that Special Business District – South purchased as an inexpensive solution to inadequate lighting. The plan is to install new LED lights for the 4400 block of West Pine in December or January. These costly lights have been ordered and paid for. Ron will confirm with Alderman Roddy that the plan is to replace the current low-level lollipop lights on the 4300 and 4400 blocks of Laclede, which are so dark residents are reluctant to walk them at night. 
  2. Management of 4101 Laclede reports that the building will be complete in June 2019. The tight job market for construction help has caused delays in completing the work. 
  3. Developer of 4101 West Pine has not selected the contractor for the project. Work will begin on this townhome project after 4101 Laclede is complete. The expectation is the construction crews will park in the Schnucks’ lot, not on Sarah and Laclede. 
  4. Culverts at 3900 Forest Park and Laclede will be dug out and replaced. This major project requires digging below the street’s surface to determine if trolley lines remain in place.
  5. An unnamed telecommunications contractor created the hole east of New Market and backfilled the one in front of the store with asphalt rather than concrete.  
  6. Ron expects development at 4201 West Pine will be underway soon. The project is on a very narrow parcel of land with units selling for $525,000.
  7. Ron will learn if the building formerly home to The Block Restaurant remains on the market. 
  8. The Microsoft building has opened Innovation Hall to provides free working stations for individuals from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily. In addition, the building offers meeting space that can accommodate up to 300 people. 
  9. The Chocolate Pig has opened at 4220 Duncan. This full-service restaurant is owned by the Bissinger family. 
  10. Lion’s Choice is open in the space formerly occupied by Tim Hortons.


Harold reported that Jim Whyte and Marshall Michener had no new crimes to report as occurring since the October WPLNA meeting.  

Concern was expressed that if the Mid-City CID does not obtain the required number of signatures crime will increase as police patrols are cut. Per Ron the plan for obtaining resident approval of the proposed CID is being abandoned because of the complexity of the requirement that resident signatures be notarized to be counted. The plan instead is to put the question to vote in an upcoming (but undetermined) election. 


Terry Werner has honey from his bees for sale at $6/bottle. He’ll bring bottles to the December meeting for sale. 


The event was well attended until the cold descended and scared people away. 

Adjourned 7:37 PM

Respectfully submitted by Terry Van Schaik, acting secretary.

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