WPLNA meeting on Tues, 2/12 at 7 pm

The West Pine Laclede Neighborhood Association will meet on Tuesday, February 12 at 7 pm at Northwest Coffee, 4251 Laclede (at Boyle).  Our guest speakers will be Patrick Weston, Jason Kean, and Lauren Kobal, all from the Regions Bank branch that’s just opened up on Vandeventer between Laclede and Forest Park. They’ll be discussing the bank’s “Next Step Financial Wellness Program.” All are welcome!

The minutes from January’s meeting and copied below and will be presented for approval at the January meeting. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.


Minutes 1.8.19  –   Draft until approved at upcoming meeting.  

President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

The normal order of business was suspended to allow Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Ron Coleman to give his report. 

  • The dog waste station by Regis has been a concern because waste is not being collected and has been accumulating around the station.  Ron learned it costs $50 each time it is emptied and proposed that the station be removed.  The membership was in agreement. 
  • The Boyle-Laclede Community Garden water leak:  City Water Department excavated, identified the problem and shut it off but did not repair it. The hole is covered by plywood while a solution is sought. The Board of Public Service is soliciting bids. Meanwhile, the lead community gardener collected bids from Gooden Plumbing, Aries Plumbing and Vushaj Construction. These were given to Ron Coleman to share with the Board. 
  • Street light outages have been reported.  The City is working on repairs. 
  • Christmas trees:  please do not put Christmas trees in the yard waste dumpster, but do put them in the alley for pickup OR take them to the Lower Muni Lot in Forest Park. 
  • Recycling extravaganza:  Saturday, January 12, 11 – 2 at Missouri Botanical Garden twin parking lots at S. Vandeventer & Shaw Blvd.  Drop off:  clothing, shoes, electronics*, holiday lights, books, wrapping paper & cardboard boxes, bicycles, and documents for shedding*.   * Fees may apply.  Cash only. Details at www.stlouisearthday.org
  • Question from the floor:  who owns the building at the southwest corner of Laclede at Boyle and what are the plans for it?  Ron Coleman will inquire.  

MINUTES – The minutes were approved as written. 


Certificate of deposit value:    $7,173.62 

Checking account balance:      $2,206.43

Savings account balance:         $1,059l54  

After checking into alternatives for our CD, Terry Werner recommended we keep it at Enterprise Bank with a 2.15% interest rate for 18 month CD.  Unanimously approved.  


Beautification position is open. Contact Harold if you are interested in serving in this capacity. 


Marshall Michener had noting new to report (slow time of year for crime).  He reminded the membership that panhandlers can legally ask for money once, but more than that is aggressive begging and illegal.   


Joe Roddy reported: 

  • Repair of the community garden water system – bids are being sought 
  • 4101 Laclede construction mess has been cleaned up 
  • Foundry and Armory projects are moving along 
  • 2 new hotels are being built on Forest Park Ave and on Duncan Avenue 
  • SLU has selected a developer for the c.14 acres on the northwest corner of Chouteau and Grand Avenues.  No details have been published yet. 
  • Sarah and Manchester – in addition to the new Chroma building, more development is planned.  Chroma retail will include Seoul Taco and a hair salon.
  • 100 Building at West Pine and Kingshighway is moving along. 
  • Duncan and Newstead – Washington University is planning to build a research center on southeast corner. 
  • Proposed consolidation of St. Louis City and St. Louis County – interesting time in local government.  It is expected to be on the ballot in 2020.  If passed, it will override the previously approved reduction in the number of aldermanic representatives for the city.  Proponents are looking at Indianapolis and Louisville as examples of successful consolidation.  Benefits include increased efficiencies, millions of dollars of savings and reduced competition between city and county.  Risks include losing government offices downtown, which could be devastating.  

SPECIAL BUSINESS DISTRICT:  Marshall Michener (Commissioner), Ashley Johnson (Park Central Development) and Yusef Scoggin (Commissioner)

The Special Business District (SBD) was to expire in 2018 and commissioners had been promoting a new Community Improvement (CID) to replace it in 2019 at a slightly higher tax rate to continue to provide the neighborhood with safety and security services and lighting while adding cleaning /landscaping, public infrastructure, economic development, and marketing.  The CID initiative was never approved but it turns out that the SBD did not have as many limitations as originally believed and the commissioners were able to approve a renewal of the SBD with the same boundaries.  In April voters will be asked to approve an increase from an assessment of $0.45 to $0.85 per $100,000 valuation.  A simple majority is required to approve.  Residents are encouraged to approve this measure to continue to improve the security, lighting and development of our neighborhood. 

There will be a public forum on the proposed changes to the SBD on January 23rdat 10 am in room 208 of City Hall. Details will be mailed to all residents soon.  More information is at http://cwesoutheastsbd.com/cwe-mid-city-cid/


Two commissioner slots are open and applications are being sought from current RENTERS to fill them.  For information contact Ashley Johnson at Park Central Development at (314) 535.5311 or ashley@pcd-stl.org.

Respectfully submitted 

Diana Gualdoni, Secretary

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