WPLNA Meeting on Tues. 02.11.2020 at 7:00 pm

The West Pine Laclede Neighborhood Association will meet on Tuesday, February 11th at 7 pm at Northwest Coffee, 4251 Laclede (at Boyle).  All are welcome!

Although she has not yet officially confirmed her attendance, we look forward to welcoming Kimberly Collins as our featured guest speaker.  Ms. Collins is a candidate for State Representative from Missouri’s 77th District. The seat currently is held by two-term State Representative Steve Roberts Jr., who has announced his own candidacy for 5th District Missouri State Senator.

While the WPLNA is an entirely non-partisan neighborhood organization, neither endorsing candidates nor specific pieces of legislation, we nonetheless welcome brief appearances by any and all candidates for 

The minutes from our January meeting and copied below and will be presented for approval at the upcoming meeting. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. 


Minutes:  01.14.2020    –   Draft until approved at upcoming meeting

President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.  Our scheduled guest Kimberly Ann Collins had a conflict and was unable to attend but should be able to attend next month.  She is running for the position of State Representative from the 77th District, for the seat currently held by Steve Roberts who has announced his candidacy for the 5th District State Senate seat.   

MINUTES from the November meeting were amended under the Security Section regarding the condos at 4101 Laclede and approved unanimously as amended.


  • $7,327.64  – time deposit account 
  • $2,027.98  – checking   
  • $1,0612.01 – savings


Jeff Miner, long term WPLNA member and member of the Special Business District board, raised concerns of businesses on Laclede at Boyle about lack of parking for their customers during daytime business hours.  It seems that some employees from Cortex and WU are using street parking in lieu of parking lots and garages on their campus.  Two options for limiting this behavior were discussed:  1) ask the city to post signs restricting parking to 2 hours between 8 am and 5 pm, OR 2)  install parking meters.  The consensus was to start with the more conservative approach:  limiting parking to two hours, which has worked in other neighborhoods.  If this fails to address the problem, parking meters will be considered.  The motion to request this from the City was made and approved unanimously.   

Update on the median planters on Forest Park Avenue:  Diana Gualdoni and Ron Coleman met with the Commissioner of the Parks Department who volunteered to ask the Bureau of Public Service to get quotes to restore water and install a basic irrigation system on the 5 planters in question.  Diana and Marshall Michener have requested a meeting with Cortex to explore getting support from them for the planter project.   

DEVELOPMENT – Ron Coleman: 

  • Artizen Townhouses at 4101 West Pine – work is moving forward. 
  • West Village on West Pine between Sarah and Boyle – work is moving forward. 
  • Lights in front of the building on Sarah that formerly housed the Block restaurant are out due to an accidentally-cut conduit which took out power to the poles.  Repairs will constitute a major capital expenditure and probably won’t be done until next year.   
  • A resident noted that the 4300 and 4400 block of Laclede have poor street lighting.  This is because those lights are no longer available.  It may take another couple of years to accumulate sufficient funding to replace them. 
  • 4308 Laclede property:  the surviving brother intends to put the property on the market once it goes through probate.  

SECURITY – Marshall Michener:

Nothing to report on the Montessori School plans to move into the space formerly housing Child Garden.  They are still assessing the situation.  

Earlier this evening on the 4200 block of Laclede, a Ring Door bell alert resulted in a police response.  No further details were available. 

The Neighborhood Security Initiative date shows that 2019 crime in our area was down significantly compared to areas outside NSI boundaries. The only crime statistics that went up were robbery and vehicle theft.  Jim Whyte of NSI said a suspect has been arrested and charged in numerous robberies, carjackings, and home invasions in our neighborhood.    

The meeting adjourned at 7:39 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Gualdoni



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