Neighborhood Security Initiative Update

September 22 update:

I just received a call from Captain Mike Mueller, Commander of District 5, the police arrested 2 suspects last night in one of the stolen vehicles taken from the area of Laclede and Boyle and third suspect has been identified and is wanted.  The police are confident these are the subjects responsible for the recent robberies and carjackings.  We will still have a detail out since there is a subject still at-large.
Jim Whyte

September 21, 2020:

Due to the recent robbery and attempt robbery incidents where cars have been taken from victims in the Southeast SBD area, I have discussed with TCF and asked them to put out a 2-officer Robbery detail for the next 7 days starting tomorrow.  The 2-officer robbery/carjacking detail will be present to try and prevent further incidents in the Southeast SBD area.  The patrols will focus on the following locations:

  • 4300 blocks of West Pine and Laclede
  • Laclede and Boyle
  • Boyle and West Pine
  • 4200 block of West Pine, including the parking lot in that block. 
  • The patrols should be looking for groups of 2-5 young b-m’s wearing hoodies and face masks.  It is likely at least one of the suspects may be armed.  They may be in the area on foot or divining around possibly in a stolen auto. 

The time of the detail should include the 10-11pm hour.  Suggested hours 8p-12a or 9p-1a or 7:30p-11:30p, something along those lines based on previous reported incidents.  
The officers are to pay particular attention to cars parking especially those with single female drivers.  Those are the victims being targeted.  
I have also reached out to the 5th district and Anti-Crime Unit for help on this issue.  I asked the district to deploy the portable camera trailer at or near Boyle and Laclede since we do not have cameras in that area.  The Anti-Crime detective look for recently stolen or carjacked vehicles and they are very good at their job.    

Jim Whyte

Executive Director


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