WPLNA Meeting on Tues. 12/14/21 at 7:00

The West Pine Laclede Neighborhood Association will meet on Tuesday, December 14th at 7 pm at Northwest Coffee, 4251 Laclede (at Boyle).  All are welcome!

The minutes from our November meeting are copied below – please take a moment to review these in advance as they will be presented for approval at the upcoming meeting.

We have no special guests at this meeting but we will have a request for funding for landscaping on Laclede and an update on the status of funding for the median planters on Forest Park.

Other topics of discussion would be welcomed.

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.




Minutes:  11.09.21

The regular order of business was suspended in order to accommodate our guest speakers.


Gary Hassenflu – MW Development / Garrison Management (developer of proposed 41 Lindell)

Jim Fredericks and Kathryn Redmond – Armstrong Teasdale, Tony Ranieri – Ranieri Construction 

President Harold Karabell thanked everybody present for their past and current efforts.

Jim Fredericks:

After 4 or more meetings with the neighborhood and with changes being made after each meeting in the hopes of finding solutions that work for everybody, the hope is that we can resolve things tonight.

  1. Neighbors’ #1 concern is the proposed alley setback.The challenge is that in order to provide adequate parking space in a U-shaped building, that space is essential.  The developer has offered a compromise by redesigning the building with the setback starting on the levels above the parking garage (one floor above ground level) but cannot meet the parking goals if they must set the garage back.
  2. Design has been cited as a concern.They have made many changes in response to comments made at our meetings, including modifying the garage entrances and eliminating the 4 car parking lot in front of the building.  Eliminating customer parking spots may necessitate a change in usage of that portion of the building which may not work for retail without parking, but they will work with us on that.
  3. Quality of building materials. The proposed materials are of high quality, above average for this area.
  4. Questions have been asked about demolition.The proposed work can be done in a way that minimizes impact on neighbors – Queeny Tower demolition is an example of the quality of the proposed demolition.

Gary Hassenflu:

Successful and vibrant neighborhoods have mix of architectural design.  People demand quality.  The units will be high quality and affordable to most.  These types of buildings are part of a new trend in construction in our city.  Higher residential density leads to new businesses and more interesting neighborhoods.


What materials will be used for windows?  Fiberglass – similar look to wood but lower maintenance.  These windows are manufactured by Pella and are of high quality.

What is the construction cost?  $190 – $200 / square foot.

What is total cost of the project?  $56 to $60 million.

What are proposed rents?  $1,200 studio,  $1,600 to $1,700 1-bdr,  and $1,900 to $2,000 2 bdr.

Note:  costs have gone up since original estimates as market prices are rising.

Length of construction?  Exterior – about 12 months.  Total – about 19 months.

Steps to mitigate lead and asbestos?  Yes, per city guidelines and all appropriate protocols.

Existing parking lot across alley?  Thoughts are to share the lot – part for neighborhood (nothing with public access) and part for parking for 41 Lindell (necessary to meet parking slot goals).

How to address safety concern of immediate neighbors about use of that lot?  If it would put residents at ease, a security fence could be installed.

How much guest parking is planned?  About 6 to 10 slots.

The guests were thanked and departed.


Major issues are the setback and the trash compactor behind one of the houses with a garage on the alley.

Per Dan Hellmuth:

  • Fiberglass windows are better than vinyl windows.
  • The proposed setback above the first story doesn’t address concerns of the immediate neighbors.
  • Eliminating the parking does not affect the retail space; there is plenty of street parking.
  • Construction cost is a good indication of overall quality – hope for at least $250 / sq ft.

Design is awkward and contrived.

Proposed rents do not correlate with high end construction (as in Orion).  (Comment:  True, but it’s across from Schnucks!)

That part of Lindell is dead – very little pedestrian traffic on a long-time commercial zone.  Building would bring more life to neighborhood.

More people on streets tends to help limit crime and bring more business opportunities.

Concern about traffic in the alley.


Can you support the project as currently proposed?

1                  yes

14                  no

5                  abstain


Could you support the project if it were redesigned with no variance requests?

2                  yes

12                  no

6                  abstain


Respectfully submitted,

Diana Gualdoni, Secretary