Bob Kramer Memorial Service

AN OPPORTUNITY to fondly remember a friend and celebrate master puppeteer BOB KRAMER

June 21, 10:30 AM  in St. Louis

Since seating is very limited, please immediately request your reservation to attend by replying to

with your info filled out below


For couples, please request ONE RESERVATION with both names on it!

My Name:

My phone  (cell):

Guest(s) I want to bring:

I cannot attend in person, so will want the link for the online streaming:

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1) If you will be bringing a spouse or desire to have a family member attend with you, please include their name so your entire reservation can be confirmed.  PLEASE DO NOT DUPLICATE NAMES IF ON ANOTHER RESERVATION!

2) Once we confirm your reservation, additional necessary information will be emailed to you and your name(s) will be placed on the list which will allow entrance.

3) The event will be streamed online for anyone we are not able to accommodate in person or cannot attend in St. Louis.

4) Please reply in a separate email to this email address with any memories of, or tributes to, Bob or Bob Kramer‘s Marionnettes you would like to share with Dug and Bob’s family. If time is available, your comments will be included during the event. (Bob’s sister, Pat, will not be able to attend in person.)

Dug Feltch and Pat Amerman, Bob’s sister