Carjacking incidents

There have been 2 recent carjacking incidents which have similarities to previous incidents that happened in September.  
There was a reported incident on 11/01/20, 11 pm, at 4111 West Pine.  The male victim reported, after parking his car, he was approached by 2, young, male, suspects who demanded his keys.  The suspects took his car and fled the area.  
The next incident was reported on 11/04/20, 7 pm, at Taylor and West Pine.  At least 3 young suspects, one of whom displayed a gun, took the female victims keys and drove away with her vehicle.  The suspects in this incident were seen on camera prior to the incident.  
In response to these incidents, I have requested TCF add a 2-officer patrol in the evenings to provide a visible police presence in the area.  Lyndon is conducting video reviews in an attempt to capture the best possible images of those responsible for the robberies.  

Jim Whyte

Executive Director


office (314)454-5808