WPLNA Meeting on Tues. 10/13/20 at 7:00

The WEST PINE LACLEDE NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION will meet via ZOOM on Tuesday, October 13 at 7:00 pm.  

Our guest speaker will be Jake Lyonfields who will speak in support of Proposition R, a ballot measure to fund early childhood services by means of an increase of $60.00 in property taxes per $100,000 in assessed valuation.  

Minutes from our September meeting are appended below and will be presented for approval.  Please take a minute to review them before joining in the meeting.  

All are welcome.

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Minutes:  09.08.20

President Harold Karabell called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. via Zoom.  Thanks to Abdul Abdullah from Park Central Development for hosting our Zoom meeting.  

Due to the special project being presented at this month’s meeting, the normal procedures were tabled to allow for discussion of the proposal to develop property on Lindell Blvd.  

Special guests:  Jim Fredericks and Garrison “Gary” Hassenflue representing Armstrong Teasdale’s proposal to develop the property at 4120 – 4130 Lindell into c. 169 multi-family, luxury apartment units at the site previously occupied by Places for People.  This would be an L-shaped building around a existing building currently housing ABNA Engineers, which will remain as-is.

General info:  5 stories, 169 units, 1 ½ floors of garage space, additional special function space such as game room, co-working space, bike storage, and more.  

To be managed by Garrison management company, who bring over 25 years experience in developing over 1,300 apartments in 6 states.  The project would bring in local general contractors and provide c.150 temporary jobs and 4 permanent management jobs.  

The project is in early stages of development and the developers agreed to provide more information, including detailed drawings taking into consideration suggestions from this membership.  

To be addressed:  

  • Design – elevation drawings from all angles giving more detailed idea of conceptual materials
  • Ground level access from Lindell – The association recommends that ground level entry area includes a lobby and possibly first-floor retail or other “activated space” (none is currently planned, but if there is demand, the developer can work it in).  
  • Access to resident parking garage via curb cuts on Lindell and/or from the alley.  There was much discussion on entry from north (Lindell) and/or from south (alley)
    • 4101 Laclede Building garage has only alley access – neighbors say it has worked well with the added benefit of not interrupting traffic on Laclede and/or Sarah
    • Proposed building has small frontage facing Lindell and garage entryway might end up being dominant feature of the building, rather than an more inviting frontage with lobby (and possible retail or other activated space)
    • Curb cuts on Lindell will impede pedestrian traffic
    • Curb cuts on Lindell might present traffic hazard, especially from west-bound traffic turning in.
    • Access from the alley will increase traffic in the alley and may be problematic to residents who use the alley regularly.
    • Alternative plan would be entry and exit on the alley with an exit only on Lindell (right turn only, as is the case with Enterprise Bank).
    • VOTE:  the majority of those present voted against any curb cuts on Lindell, preferring resident parking garage entry and exit from the alley.
  • Security cameras should be part of the plan, integrated with those in the network of the Central West End Neighborhood Security Initiative.
  • Placement  of dumpsters for the building.  
  • Minority hiring practices.  
  • Staging and parking of construction equipment and alley access during construction.  
  • Speed control in alley is needed – work with the City to install at least two speed bumps.

Those present gave preliminary approval to the project subject to the caveats noted above and subject to a review of the revised elevation renderings.  The developer agreed to submit those renderings to the Association within the next week or so. 

On a different note: 

One member brought up a suggestion that the Streatery Concept which has been very successful on Euclid Avenue allowing restaurants to extend their outdoor seating onto the streets during certain periods, be extended to include area around Sarah and Laclede.  The membership was supportive and Joe Roddy and Ron Coleman will look into it.  

The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Gualdoni